When you dress for winter, you want to ensure that you’re both comfortable and warm. When you’re uncomfortable and shivering from the cold, you’ll look awkward no matter what you’re wearing. You should never sacrifice comfort and warmth just to look your best.

But you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort either. You just have to adapt your outfits to the colder weather.

You can remain comfortable and warm and still look stylish by –

Layering your clothes, Choosing winter-appropriate fabrics, Wearing some key winter accessories, Wearing the right winter coat, Wearing the right footwear.

For those that don’t know, layering is the simple act of wearing more than one item on top of one another. Wearing a shirt over a tee is layering. Wearing a sweater over a shirt is layering. Wearing a jacket over a sweater is layering.

So let’s assume a basic winter outfit will consist of at least three layers. We can divide them into three categories:

  1. Base layers (e.g. undershirts, T-shirts, shirts)
  2. Middle layers (e.g. shirts, sweaters, cardigans, vests, denim jacket)
  3. Top layers (e.g. jackets, coats)

The general rule to keep in mind when layering is that you work from thin on the inside to thick on the outside. That means you want the lightest fabrics closest to your body and get heavier with each layer.

1. Layering for Formal Wear

So let’s say you’re dressing for the office in winter; what do you wear?

Well, you can start with a basic white t-shirt or undershirt as your base layer. Then, you can wear a dress shirt on top of that as a second base layer.

Then, you can wear a sweater, cardigan or vest. Whatever you choose, it should fit snugly over your other layers and tie, but should not look like it’s cutting off your circulation. If you go for a sweater or cardigan, make sure it’s light-weight, rather than a bulky knit.

Then at last, you can wear a jacket, and a coat for when you go outside.

So to sum up a basic formal winter outfit from bottom layer to top:

  1. T-shirt or undershirt (base layer)
  2. Dress shirt (base layer)
  3. Sweater, cardigan or vest (middle layer)
  4. Suit jacket (top layer)
  5. Coat (top layer)

Scroll down to see the look that I’ve created a look sharp and yet cozy and comfortable in winter season.

Outfit Details –

Shirt & Trousers  – Custom Tailored

Sweater – Allen Solly

Shoes – Clarks

Watch – Rolex

Tie – Armani

Gloves – Zara Men

Messenger bag – Burberry

Scarf – Asos

Shades – Custom built

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