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You might want to check on  THE MINDFULNESS JOURNAL that I have created just for you

The Mindfulness Journal


THE MINDFULNESS JOURNAL  is designed to help you embrace mindful awareness moments of your daily routine by reading, writing & reflecting about your purposeful goals, self-care rituals, tracking your habit patterns & emotional shifts and most importantly to align yourself with your highest self to create an abundant & fulfilling life. 

It includes :

  • A 365 Page Personal Growth Journey Space
  • Mindfulness Prompts & Checklists
  • Inspirational Quotes & Philosophies
  • Mindful Moment Trackers
  • Ideapad & Creative Thinking Space

& much more..

Moreover, it is designed to be re-used for a lifetime & is formatted for interactive use on any digital device.

( Digital File Format – PDF  )

$69 only! 


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