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Munish is the Next-Gen Leader helping people live Purposeful lives through his incredible work.


NAOMI WILLIAMS | 6 Figure Entrepreneur, Psychologist, Researcher & Wellness Advocate

Absolutely Changed My Life !!



I always wanted to find my life purpose & achieve my big goals. And when I came across Munish's Masterclass program, it really made my dream come true. Both programs have been absolutely life-changing for me and now I'm a 6 figure Entrepreneur spending my days on beach with my beautiful partner while my business is rolling high with ever-growing clients. Much Grateful to Munish Maya, who's always been a powerhouse of positivity and big inspiration in my life.

Best Decision I Ever Made !!



I had no training experience at all, just a positive feeling and self belief that I want to change my life. Enrolling in Munish's MasterClass programs open my mindset & gave me the courage to go for my wildest dreams. It is hard to believe being a kid growing up poor and from a broken home that I now get paid to travel the world. I am living my best life with Joy & Purpose!

Life Just Keeps Getting Better!!



Munish's Manifesting Goals MasterClasses provides a step-by-step way to move forward, allow me to take charge of my life and provide deep insights to shift my mindset, set powerful goals and turn-around my life. I've experienced great results after engaging in the Manifesting Goals MasterClass within just a few weeks. I've been a fan and follower of Munish Maya for many years, and life just keeps getting better!

“Took Me To A Whole New Level!”


Even though I’ve been working professionally for many years, Munish’s Masterclass series took me to a whole new level of authenticity and effectiveness. I’ve learned to overcome my fears, find deep connection with myself with self-care & wellness rituals, become more resilient and it’s made a tremendous impact in my ability to upscale my business to touch 7 figures. Most of all, Munish offers tremendous ongoing support and help whenever needed. Kudos to Munish !!

“Working On My Passion Projects!”


Munish & his Masterclass programs taught me to believe in myself more and that no matter how much (or little) I know, I still have a lot to share, and I could still serve. My life is totally transformative now. I get to work on my passion projects that fill my heart and all credits goes to Munish. Thank you so much!

Want to take your life to next level? Munish Maya is the real deal!


STEPHEN PAULSON | Transformation Expert, Mentor, CEO of Paulson Group


A self-paced online signature program that allows you to discover your hidden gifts and talents, develop an aligned mindset to overcome overwhelm & obstacles and tap into your purpose and limitless potential.

Imagine if you ..

➢ had a crystal clear vision for your life and knew without a doubt that you could achieve everything you desire.

➢ could tap into your core skills, signature strengths and innate gifts that could help you achieve consistent growth and success opportunities.

➢ knew exactly what routines, rituals and mindset shifts you needed to navigate challenges with super ease.

➢ had a thriving work-life balance, profound relationships, a successful career and a limitless potential that allows you to live a purpose-driven and fulfilling life overflowing with joy & abundance.

About This MasterClass


Manifesting Purpose Masterclass will take you on an interactive deep-dive journey and walks you step by step through the entire process & further, into the most powerful purpose framework aka Purpose Centric Model ™ which enables you to experience game-changing breakthroughs in the key areas of your life where you're feeling "stuck" or unable to achieve the results you want.

It will give you all-in access to systems, strategies & support you will need and take you right from the inception to design your dream life to the state of transformation where you will manifest exactly the life you want & experience more success, joy & fulfilment.

This is one of the Highly Valued Masterclass with full immersion experience to discover who you are, what are your signature strengths, innate gifts & talents, understanding the restrictive patterns & behaviours that are holding you back and unlock the aligned mindset to craft a life of legacy.

Packed with life-changing learning Video modules, clarity exercises, powersheets and plenty of high quality & highly valuable resources that will bring intense clarity to your sense of self and purpose & most importantly, it will empower you to take action with your Purpose Manifesto - a Secret Mantra only for you, so that you will always stay on purpose & know where you're heading to live a magnificent life you choose & truly deserve.

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A Revolutionary 4 Step Purpose Framework


With my Purpose Centric Model ™ - a proven, profound & powerful 4 Step Framework, you can design your personal & professional life on purpose, intent & goal-oriented approach to make an impact and live a wildly successful life.

Module by module and step by step, this framework will guide you deeper into your personal evolution so you can gain the clarity, insight, and motivation you need to overcome your obstacles and confidently create a purpose-driven life of your wildest dreams!

This Life-altering Model act as a blueprint, a personal development masterpiece, a roadmap to your success.

With this framework, you will ..

identify your distractions & learn to declutter your mind & space
gain an insight into your hidden strengths, skills & tap into passion
eliminate restrictive habit patterns, procrastination & any limiting beliefs holding you back
unlock the aligned mindset to understand the role of powerful intentions, goal setting and success mastery principles
uncover your highest purpose that will propel you to take radical actions & get outstanding results

I believe you must embrace your Authentic Self and Innate gifts to transform your wildest vision and daring dreams into a magnificent life thriving with purpose and limitless potential.

Life has no limitations except the ones you make. Break the shell of mediocrity and expand your horizons.

Are You Ready To Answer Your Calling & Manifest Your Wildest Vision into Reality!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program right for me?

This program is the cornerstone for your growth, development & most importantly change. Our students come from every industry and background from all around the world- with one thing in common - a willingness to learn & change their life!

If you really want to change your life - to discover who you really are, establish what you're best at and go after what you truly want in life, then this program is perfect for you!

You will learn the life-altering principles, get instant access to powerful video modules with all the tools, tactics & techniques in addition to various valuable resources. You will discover the powerful Purpose Centric Model ™ a framework, which has already impacted 1.5 Million+ lives - to transform your future & develop a roadmap for your consistent growth & success.

It's time to take charge of your life & change only starts when you take action - Get started with this powerful program today!

What's the investment?

The investment for Manifesting Purpose MasterClass is $997 USD. We do offer payment plans and special discounts for our MM Insiders.

What happens after I purchase Manifesting Purpose Masterclass?

Once you submit your order, you’ll receive an email with your login details, which you’ll use to access your private member dashboard. That’s where you’ll find the schedule of exclusive video lessons, clarity exercises, power sheets , and other valuable resources. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

How long will I have access to the program?

You will have lifetime access to the Manifesting Purpose Masterclass.

What if I have a question or need support?

My team and I are always here to help. Simply reach us out via email at and we'll be happy to assist you.

I don't have the funds right now, how can I make this possible?

Investing in yourself is a big decision and I respect that - but I choose to see it as an investment in my future self. It’s all about putting your money into what will give you the biggest ROI. To make that decision a little easier, we've also got a choice of payment plans to help you out.

I'm interested. What do I do now?

I am glad you made a decision to change your life & you’re feeling called to take the next step! To start the process, click the button below, fill out the details and complete your order.

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