The leather jacket is a key piece for any man’s wardrobe. It’s a hard-working fashion staple that has become a cult classic. Like those who are best remembered for wearing it, this item is bold and exciting. The leather jacket is a timeless classic that will probably always be in fashion.

Back in the early 1900’s leather jackets were issued for pilots in the army, as they needed a warm but tough jacket that wouldn’t restrict them. Withstanding high altitudes and day to day wear, we can see why the leather jacket established itself as game changer early on.

As the temperatures dropped in the skies, the jacket was adapted to protect those in planes from the harsh conditions. A sheepskin lining became a strong feature of the aviator leather jacket.

Following it’s military background the leather jacket became the symbol of the teenager, the new youth that was never noticed before. These jet black jackets identified those wearing it, as one of the gang, by their brothers also wearing them or by the seniors that disapproved of them.

Motorcyclists adopted the leather jacket for it’s resistance as a sturdy but movable item, that could resist the elements and the odd mishap on the road. The explosion of the American teenager was only the beginning of the leather jacket as a symbol of rebellion. As the music on the jukebox took a faster and angrier turn, the leather jacket remained on the backs of those topping the charts. When The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Clash raged through the airwaves, the leathers protected them.

As music genres began to expand so did the jackets wearability, from film stars to football players, everyone and anyone has a style that suited them. From the nineties until now almost every music scene features some kind of leather.

Here’s some ideas of what to wear with this men’s outerwear piece.



Outfit Deets –

Leather Jacket – Forever 21 Men

Turtle neck – Asos

Black Denims – Zara

Shoes – Paul Smith

Bag – Mont Blanc

Shades – H&M

Watch – Paul Hewitt

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