Dressing dapper is a lifestyle choice not reserved for the rich and famous. Dapper is all about the details, and something every man can enjoy.

Can you wear a t-shirt under a blazer and not look like you’re from 1980’s?

Hell yes. You can totally rock your favorite t-shirt with a blazer.

Blazer/t-shirt combo is kind of perfect balance between formals and casuals. When you want to dress up just a little bit, put on a nice blazer on your t-shirt and you’re ready to rock any place you enter.

Sure, the outfit wouldn’t fly at occasions such as the wedding, but it can be the super interesting twist at casual occasions.

However, to rock this blazer/t-shirt combo, a great execution is the key. You have to wear the right kind of t-shirt with right kind of blazer.

Following are the visuals from where you can take cues on how to make the balance. I love to pair a nice blazer with crisp white T shirt and the contrast make the instant appeal. Put a nice shade on with some accessories to carry and you’re good to go.



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