Munish is the Next-Gen Leader helping people live Purposeful lives through his incredible work.


NAOMI WILLIAMS | 6 Figure Entrepreneur, Psychologist, Researcher & Wellness Advocate

Absolutely Changed My Life !!



I always wanted to find my life purpose & achieve my big goals. And when I came across Munish's Masterclass program, it really made my dream come true. Both programs have been absolutely life-changing for me and now I'm a 6 figure Entrepreneur spending my days on beach with my beautiful partner while my business is rolling high with ever-growing clients. Much Grateful to Munish Maya, who's always been a powerhouse of positivity and big inspiration in my life.

Best Decision I Ever Made !!



I had no training experience at all, just a positive feeling and self belief that I want to change my life. Enrolling in Munish's MasterClass programs open my mindset & gave me the courage to go for my wildest dreams. It is hard to believe being a kid growing up poor and from a broken home that I now get paid to travel the world. I am living my best life with Joy & Purpose!

Life Just Keeps Getting Better!!



Munish's Manifesting Goals MasterClasses provides a step-by-step way to move forward, allow me to take charge of my life and provide deep insights to shift my mindset, set powerful goals and turn-around my life. I've experienced great results after engaging in the Manifesting Goals MasterClass within just a few weeks. I've been a fan and follower of Munish Maya for many years, and life just keeps getting better!

“Took Me To A Whole New Level!”


Even though I’ve been working professionally for many years, Munish’s Masterclass series took me to a whole new level of authenticity and effectiveness. I’ve learned to overcome my fears, find deep connection with myself with self-care & wellness rituals, become more resilient and it’s made a tremendous impact in my ability to upscale my business to touch 7 figures. Most of all, Munish offers tremendous ongoing support and help whenever needed. Kudos to Munish !!

“Working On My Passion Projects!”


Munish & his Masterclass programs taught me to believe in myself more and that no matter how much (or little) I know, I still have a lot to share, and I could still serve. My life is totally transformative now. I get to work on my passion projects that fill my heart and all credits goes to Munish. Thank you so much!

If you're looking for a magic bullet to change your life, Munish Maya is the one!


DEVIKA OBEROI | Entrepreneur, CEO & Brand Marketing Strategist

It’s a Game-Changer !!



I've been a solopreneur from past 5 years, but it wasn't until I came across Munish Maya on Instagram & at first glance, Munish's posts and philosophies impacted my life. So, I get the opportunity to enrol in one of Munish's MasterClass program - Manifesting Goals and it truly turn my life around. The program really speak to my heart & trust me, I have enrolled in lot's of other Business & Life Coach Gurus, but Munish's approach & vibe is totally matchless. Within few weeks after my masterclass, I was able to get much better results, increase my income, and my impact in the world - From landing bigger clients for my business to hitting my self-care & wellness goals, it's really a game-changer to my life.

Manifested My Dream Life!!



I found Munish at the perfect time in my life. Signing up for his Mentorship program was the best decision I made. I was so ready for a big change. I had all these ideas in my head. But I just couldn’t make myself do it. I was insecure, unorganized, and didn’t believe in myself. But Munish helped me from day one. He reminded me what I was capabale of. Within few weeks of working together, thanks to Munish’s incredible support and accountability, my whole life has changed. I quit my job, became my own boss, feel comfortable in front of camera and ready to take on the world. His energy will light your soul on fire and leave you with no choice but to believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

Can’t Thank Munish Enough!!



I took Munish's MasterClass Programs - Manifesting Purpose & Manifesting Goals - to improve my life & learn personal development skills. It exceded my wildest expectations! After the program, I changed my occupation from Investment Banker in one of the FORTUNE 500 company to my full-fledged Education Startup. I really tapped into my Purpose and my life becomes so fulfilling and Munish's MasterClass programs & clarity sessions contributed a lot to this positive change.

"Munish is the Man on Mission" - impacting the world with his wisdom & charismatic energy.


CARL J. ROBERTSON | CEO, Investor & Leadership Coach

“Life Becomes Limitless!”


Munish's Masterclass series - Manifesting Purpose & Manifesting Goals truly helped me find my way back to a childhood passion. I now get to do what I love. I didn't know that was even possible! Life becomes limitless & I'm eternally grateful for Munish's priceless lessons and for having taught me how to shape my future!

“I Was Able To Turn My Life Around!”


After applying Munish's principles, I was able to turn my life around. Munish really helped me get into action mode & break my perfectionism habit pattern. I am now living more authentically, fully accepting about who I am without any doubts & fears. Really grateful that I met Munish.

Fully Embracing Myself!!



Before working with Munish, I was feeling completely overwhelmed, burn-out and struggling to fit everything into my schedule. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t have a clear path on how to get there. But with his support and guidance, I was able to create new routines and habit patterns that supported my lifestyle, and that actually gave me more time and boosted my productivity. Munish helped me overcome so much self-doubt that was holding me back; I’m now creating consistent momentum in my business and life and truly believing in myself and my abilities. What used to feel so far away and “too big” now feels realistic and attainable. Now I am fully embracing myself, able to set clear goals and prioritise them to make my dreams into a reality.

Gained Incredible Confidence !!



Investing in Munish's programs really helped me to overcome Procrastination, gain Confidence & take Action. The content and concepts covered in Masterclass programs are so priceless and I really loved how gracefully & confidently Munish explains & pushes you to take action and achieve goals. The mindset shifts and building my confidence changed the way I show up for myself each day and I can’t thank Munish enough for his incredible support throughout. Now I am committed to helping other women and my community so they can do the same.

Literally Manifested Freedom !!



Munish Maya really inspired and helped me to reach my professional and personal goals that I set for myself when I was in my university and allowed me to gain financial and emotional freedom at the age of 30. The hardest thing for me was getting clear on my goals, changing my habits and consistency issues, but with the powerful systems & tools he gave me, it became so much easier. Munish helped me to understand how to balance all aspects of life that would allow me to to achieve my goals. I am so much better at structuring the way I work now, and feel very focused and productive.

Munish Maya is the Phenomenal Icon who's work is inspiring millions to live their best life.


BRYAN SCHAFFNER | Productivity Coach, Writer & Professor of Psychology

“Never Felt So Clear & Confident that I am Now!”


Munish's MasterClass & Meditation Programs really gives me more clarity of my life. I learn and practice the guided mindfulness mediation and they really open my heart & mind to new dimension of life. Enrolling in Masterclass gives me so much confidence and insightful learning of life-long strategies for success. Munish is such a passionate soul & literally helped me to put all of the pieces together in the right order, so to speak. Thanks to Munish Maya & his team.

“I Figured Out My True Calling (Yes, at age of 65)!”


I have been struggling with finding my purpose in life for a very long time until I came across Munish's Masterclass. Truth be told, it's never too late to find your calling, even at my age. This program really helped me to sort things out and figure out what I want in life and what is holding me back from achieving it. The guidance & teachings by Munish are so powerful and effective, yet simple and easy to implement. His Masterclass programs are facilitating the transformation on a deep level that I've been craving! I feel excited and empowered to be moving forward with my own authentic life and being able to live my life according to my purpose.

Munish is the Master of his Craft & can change your life forever!


MARC R. GRYNBERG | FinTech Entrepreneur, Leadership Expert & Mentor

Exactly What I Needed!!



Working with Munish is exactly what I needed and has been one of the most transformative experiences of my entire life. My horizon has been expanded in a lot of beautiful ways. I can’t thank Munish enough for the beautiful impact he has had on my mindset. I feel smarter, stronger, and have become the exact person I have always wanted to be before starting to work with Munish.

Worries & Anxiety Begone !!



I’m so blessed that our paths have crossed and I’ve had the opportunity to meet this magnificent manifestor. Listening to the Powerful Guided Mindfulness Meditations by Munish is truly a healing and life altering experience. Before that, I felt very insecure and tense, had low energy and there's constant feeling of not being able to progress in work and life, no matter how much time I invested. Munish helped me to overcome overwhelm, anxiety and burnout and shift my mindset to live with purpose, joy and fulfillment. I am more focused, confident and productive now. Really grateful to Munish for this positive change.

Best Investment Ever Made !!



Munish fascinated me from the very beginning when I started following his journey on Instagram; his energy and charisma immediately spoke to me. Working with Munish has helped me so much in such a short period of time. Today, I show up for myself and others with compassion and confidence. I don’t overthink things anymore. I just do them. Munish's life changing Mantras & tools helped me to move forward and investing in his MasterClass and Mentorship Programs is the best investment I ever made. He gets to the core of who you are, what drives you, and how your mindset works and then provides actionable steps that bring actual results! He told me what I needed to hear, not just what I wanted to hear. Plus, He's so enchanting and an absolute joy. If you’re looking to be pushed, encouraged, and educated, I can’t recommend Munish enough!

Munish is the rare gem to find. With his expertise, I have escalated my business to touch 7 figures.


Ranjit Singh Sethi | Entrepreneur, CEO & Chairman of 7 Figure Healthcare Business Groups

“Become my Own Boss, Running 6 Figure Empire & Most Importantly, I BELIEVE In Myself!”


I had worked in the corporate world for over 10 years, changing jobs every few years to scale my income, but I always felt unfulfilled. I had a deep desire to have my own business and create my own thing to serve the world my own unique way.
And when I discovered Munish on Instagram, I was instantly connected & touched with his Life & Work philosophies. His masterclass programs are exactly what I needed to get started with my life and most importantly, within matter of weeks, I re-ignited my purpose, started believing in myself & achieving my powerful goals. Today, I am my own Boss, running my 6 Figure Business Empire and I never felt so happy & alive. I express my deepest love & gratitude to Munish for being such a force of optimism & encouragement.

“I Re-Invent Myself - From Being Depressed To Finding Purpose & Success!”


I have to admit, my life has been so depressed & devastating before I met Munish. I didn't have a purpose to live up to, I always stayed in my comfort zone. I avoid getting in touch with my peers & colleagues. I would set goals but didn't move into accomplishing them. And my worst fear, that Munish got me out of, was on "What do I really want from life?" Soon, I started listening to Audiobooks & reading master guides and they open my mind and life to new perspectives. Then I decided to take my learnings deeper with masterclass programs and it's like my prayers have been answered! Applying the principles & tools of masterclass, I re-invented myself with finding my purpose, having a much clearer mindset, totally new productive habits and accomplishing my goals with more fulfilment & confidence. Thank you Munish, for saving me from my dark phase and changing my life into something that I love eternally.

My Life Is Unrecognisable !!



Munish is a very committed , dedicated and motivating mentor who not only knows how to ask the right questions and have one’s back, but also has the right words in the right moments so I was able to grow beyond my comfort zone and reach peak potential. I worked with him for almost 6 months all together. He always helped me letting go of my fears, he made me aware of the gifts I already carry within me and was consistent in helping out areas that I needed to work through. During our entire collaboration, Munish always focused on keeping an eye on my entire journey and transformation. My life is unrecognisable now. Thank you so much Munish for your inspiring and invigorating mentorship!

Escaped My Comfort Zone!!



Munish's programs have changed my life, personally and professionally. He is the master at getting right to the heart of a subject. I love how he distills the very best ideas into one place and delivers them into a system that gets results. I have always lacked discipline and I was stuck in self-doubt and negative habits are taking toll on my career and reflected in life. I ended up in my comfort zone and I was avoiding work - Until I came in touch with Munish, who shifted my mindset and help me understand the root cause of my problem. Within a week, my habits started shifting and my routines become more intentional and purposeful. Munish has not only supported me in overcoming my inner fears and struggles, but has helped me escape my comfort zone & transform into the confident, self-loving woman I am today.

Life Becomes Purposeful !!



Just what I needed, a little kickstart to get me back on a path that is goal focused and filled with purpose. I started listening to Munish's audiobooks & reading Masterguides two months ago. It really resonates with me and sparks my mind to learn deeply about what's major missing in my life - my purpose & my unfulfilled goals. So I decided to sign up for his MasterClass - Manifesting Purpose & Manifesting Goals and oh my ! They literally blown my mind & opened gateways that were really holding me back. I have finally been able to take action and take care of all the areas of my life and I've finally have found out my purpose and it has been there all along I just have been looking at things the wrong way. The programs are so thorough and instructive that I am taking my time and soaking in all of the information. Life becomes purposeful; I feel grateful to have Munish in my life.

Munish has this sacred gift to shift your Mindset and lighten up your life to reach your Big Goals & Peak Potential.


DR. PATRICIA JOHNSON | Psychiatrist, Researcher & Mental Health Advocate

“Munish Allowed Me To Discover My Gifts & Embrace My Authentic Self!”


As someone who has struggled for YEARS with self-doubt, anxiety & procrastination, my life has been on the edge of negativity. It breaks my heart that I never got any help then, I went through my whole childhood without someone seeing me and my desperate need for help. But today, when I look back, it all feel like a horrible dream. All thanks to Munish, without whom, I would be totally lost.
I feel blessed and grateful that our paths crossed and I've become more resilient, confident and independent woman. I have learned that I can do anything I set my mind to. I am much more compassionate towards myself & others and I trust in the process of my life. I've also been meditating every morning for the past 6 months. Thank you so much Munish, for changing my life, to help me discovering my gifts and embracing my authentic self.

“If You're Looking For A Magic Bullet To Change Your Life, Munish Maya Is The One!”


Working with Munish has been one of the most groundbreaking experiences of my entire life. I am really grateful for him being my Mentor, who no matter what would happen, would hold me accountable. Before meeting Munish, I was insecure, constantly blaming myself for not being good enough and my life was very dull & unorganised. From day one, Munish made me realise my inner gifts & talents, shifted my mindset & limited beliefs holding me back and set sustainable routines & rituals for me that are so effective and easy to implement. Honestly, it's the best investment I ever made in - MY SELF! Today, I love love love working for myself. I’ve just spent the past year travelling the world and have taken my business to 6-figures this year. I really Own Myself now as - a Boss, the CEO & more importantly, a Confident Authentic Self . I've never felt more free, I do what nourishes my soul. So frankly, If you're looking for a magic bullet to change your life, MUNISH MAYA is the one!

Want to take your life to next level? Munish Maya is the real deal!


STEPHEN PAULSON | Transformation Expert, Mentor, CEO of Paulson Group